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Mimarlık öğrencinin okuması gereken 50 kitap

Tavsiyeler yazımda en önde gelen tavsiyelerimden "okumak"tı, peki mimarlık öğrencilerin okuması gereken bir liste hazırlar mısın sorulduğunda, tabiki dedim... Hadi bakalım Not: bazı kitapların Türkçe çeviri yok ne yazık ki. İlk üç kitaplarımız aynı yazar için, Simon Unwin,

1-Analysing Architecture

2-Twenty-Five Buildings Every Architect Should Understand

3-Exercises in Architecture: Learning to Think as an Architect

4-Atmospheres / Peter Zumthor

5-A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction / Christopher Alexander

6-The Eyes of the Skin / Juhani Pallasmaa

7-The Image of the City / Kevin Lynch

8-The Seven Lamps of Architecture / John Ruskin

9-Universal Principles of Design / William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler

10-BIG, HOT TO COLD: An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation / Bjarke Ingels

11-Cities for People / Jan Gehl

12-Design Like You Give a Damn / Architecture for Humanity

13-Yes is More / Bjarke Ingels

14-Invisible Cities / Italo Calvino

15- Architecture As Space / Bruno Zevi

16-Delirious New York: A retroactive manifesto for Manhattan / Rem Koolhaas

17- The Language of Architecture / Andrea Simitch and Val Warke

18-The Manual of Section / Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, and David J. Lewis

19-SMLXL / Rem Koolhaas

20-Thinking Architecture / Peter Zumthor

21- Paul Laseau-Graphic Thinking for Architects and Designers

22-Life Between Buildings: Using Public Space / Jan Gehl

23- Living in the endless city / Ricky Burdett

24-The Hidden Dimension / Edward T. Hall

25- konsept ekitabi- Tifa :)TR

26- Architecture Theory since 1968 K. Michael Hays

27- Complexity and contradiction Venturi

28- Concept sourcebook- edward t white

29- How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci- Gelb

30- Le Corbusier - Towards a New Architecture

31- Bachelard - Poetics of Space

32- Heidegger - Building Dwelling Thinking- Roth

33- Archidoodle an architect’s activity book

34- What an architecture student should know

35- A Visual Dictionary of Architecture-By Francis D. K. Ching

36- Conversations with form: A workbook for students of architecture

37-Precedents in Architecture - Analytic Diagrams, Formative Ideas, and Partis

38-Urban Design Thinking A Conceptual Toolkit

39- Heidegger for Architects - Adam Sharr


41-Jeffrey Balmer, Michael T. Swisher Diagramming the Big Idea Methods for Architectural Composition

42-Principles of Two-Dimensional_Design

43- Herman Hertzberger Lessons for students in arch


45-Thomas Heatherwick Making

46- henri lefebvre the production of space

47- 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

48- Event cities- Tschumi

49- Understanding Architecture: Its Elements, History, and Meaning- By Leland M. Roth, Amanda C. Roth Clark

50- HEY imaginable guidelines

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